Johnathan DENNIS

also known as Johnathan DENNISS

1700 - 12th Sep 17361

Life History


Born in St Helens Bishopsgate, , London, England

9th Nov 1726

Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth DENNIS in London, England


Birth of son Robert Constantine DENNIS in London, England

12th Sep 1736



Birth of daughter Sarah DENNIS in London, England

6th Aug 2000

Record Change

Other facts


Married Sarah


Birth of son Stephen DENNIS


Birth of son Digby DENNIS


Birth of daughter Maria Isabella DENNIS


  • Source - Website: National Archives Catalogue
    Item details: SP 36/25    : quick reference
    W. Smith, from South Sea House, to Delafaye. Transmits letters showingthe evil practices of Guarda Costa Patrols. These are from JonathanDenniss and Leonard Cocke in Santiago de Cuba; the Company agent atJamaica; the Court of Directors of the Company.

    1731 Nov. 5

    Source - Website:
    "The next mention of Rogers occurs in connection with the operationsagainst Spain. In March, 1726, Vice-Admiral Hosier was appointed tocommand a squadron which was despatched to the West Indies for thepurpose of intercepting the Spanish treasure ships lying at PortoBello..." "...The Government did all in their power to prevent theSpanish treasure ships from reaching Europe, and Rogers, who was inLondon at the time, was consulted by the Government as to the probablemeans and route the Spaniards would adopt to get their treasurehome..." "...From past experience Rogers probably knew more than anyother person then in England of the difficulties of the voyage and thereport which he delivered in conjunction with Jonathan Denniss[Probably the same Captain Denniss who in 1718 conducted an expeditionto Havana, the Proceedings of which are in PRO CO 137, 13] to LordTownshend the Secretary of State" reflected that experience.

    Source - Website:
    Aug 25 - Radcliff Cross
    "322. ii. Jonathan Denniss and Leonard Cocke to Messrs. Hayman andHines. Cuba, 10th May, N.S., 1732. We have but just time to own thereceipt of your favour by H.M.S. Shoreham, together with Capt.Bonham's power of attorney to us, and His Cath. Majesty's cedula toour Govr. commanding restitution to be made of the Anne galley and hercargoe. Advises their obtaining copies of the autos of Mr. Denniss'proceedings there for Capt. Bonham to apply to Madrid etc. "You willunderstand us without our explaining what we mean by this, if you readover the cedula, which is at best, ambiguous, and stufft so with ifsthat I fear 'twill be of little use to us.- What can be meant by "Ifnothing of private trade, prohibbitted goods, or navigating in aforbidden place be proved?" does it not plainly appear that nothing ofthis can justly be laid to the charge of this ship, by the autos? butwe that know the chicanery of Spannish affairs can with half an eye,see what this points to, besides the owners and suretys of theprivateer that took the Anne galley are such poor rascalls, that wefear even at best, not much can be got of them" etc. Will exertthemselves to the utmost "for your service or that of our countrymen,notwithstanding we in particular seem to be singled out by the peopleof Jamaica to be treated with injustice and inhumanity." Signed,Jonath. Denniss, Leonard Cocke. 3 pp. [C.O. 5, 12. ff. 66, 67 v.-69.]"

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