Aristides Franklin MORNAY

also known as Aristides MORNAY2

22nd Aug 1779 - 18551


Son of Stephen MORNAY & Jane SHELLS.

Life History

22nd Aug 1779

Born in Kirkleatham, Yorkshire, England

22nd Aug 1779

Christened in Kirkleatham, Yorkshire, England

20th May 1809

Married Maria SEGER in Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England.6,2

3rd Aug 1809

Birth of son Dominick Stephen Dundas MORNAY in Turnham Green, Chiswick.4

30th Aug 1810

Birth of son Aristides Andrew MORNAY in S. Salvador, Brazil.5

5th Jul 1812

Birth of daughter Maria Frances MORNAY in Turnham Green, Chiswick

6th May 1814

Birth of son Alexander MORNAY in King St, St Paul, Covent Garden

6th Apr 1816

Birth of son Henry DE MORNAY in Islington, Middx

5th Dec 1817

Birth of son Charles MORNAY in Islington, Middx

4th Apr 1819

Birth of son Alfred Edward MORNAY in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England

12th Aug 1820

Birth of daughter Maria MORNAY in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England

29th Oct 1822

Birth of daughter Julia MORNAY in Stepney, London, Middx, England

13th Aug 1826

Birth of son Frederick MORNAY in Hunter Square, Brunswick Square, London

21st Oct 1854

Death of son Dominick Stephen Dundas MORNAY in Negreting, Assam, India.3



11th Aug 2000

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    From: The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18191201-66

    JOHN RAMSEY, theft : simple grand larceny, 1st December, 1819.
    The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18191201-66

    See original Trial Summary:
    Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny,
    Punishment Type: imprisonment,
    (Punishment details may be provided at the end of the trial.)
    Verdict: Guilty,
    Other trials on 01 Dec 1819
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    Original Text:
    66. JOHN RAMSEY was indicted for stealing, on the 27th of October, onepair of reins, value 2 s. , the goods of Aristides Franklin Mornay ,John Wray , the younger, and Henry Septimus Hyde Wollaston .

    ARISTIDES FRANKLIN MORNAY. I am a manufacturer of Roman cement, and amin partnership with Henry Septimus Hyde Wallaston , and John Wray ,Jun.; we lost a pair of reins some time before Midsummer. The prisonerwas our foreman.

    JOSEPH BASS . I was the prosecutor's carman; I left the reins in thecart in the yard when I had done work - I and all the men left theyard together, leaving the prisoner behind. Next morning I missed thereins; - I ought to have put them into the stable. I asked theprisoner if he knew any thing about them? He said he did not, and toldme to hold my tongue, for somebody had hid them, and they would befound; after that the prisoner and I had a dispute about putting somecasks into a cart, which were too heavy for me - I said I would not doit. He was angry, and went and told my master that I had lost thereins. Next morning Mr. Mornay asked me about them, and I said I daresay the puppy had dragged them away - 8 s. was stopped out of my wagesfor them, but I applied to the Magistrate, and it was paid to me - Iwas discharged. On the 28th of October, I was at my father's, and sawthe prisoner drive his cart by; I knew the reins on the horses by thegirt buckle - I went out, examined them, and knew them. I told myfather, then went to the collar maker, and he said they were thereins. I went with somebody after him to Bethnal Green, found himthere unloading his goods, and asked him to deliver up to me Mr.Mornay's reins. He said he had none, and ran away with the cart. Hesaid they were not Mornay's, for he had bought them at Mr. Blacket'ssale. He afterwards said that he bought them of a man in a longbrimmed hat.

    Cross-examined by MR. ARABIN. Q. You thought the Newfoundland dog hadtaken them away - A. Yes.

    ROBERT SELF . I am headborough of St. Ann's. Hopson and Bass came tome on the 28th of October, and I followed the prisoner toChurch-street, Bethnal Green, where he was unloading his cart ofhousehold goods. Bass went and asked the prisoner for the reins; hetook them in his
    See original hand, and said he bought them at Blacket's sale - he saidBromley and Ward sold them. I took him in charge, and as we went byBromley and Ward's he turned in there. The clerk examined the books,and found that no reins had been sold. He then said he bought them ofa man in a long brimmed hat, the next day, when he went to fetch hisgoods, the gentleman said if he would say what goods he had bought, hecould perhaps find the man out. He then said that he did not know thathe had bought any. He at first said he gave 3 s. for them, and then 4s.

    (Property produced and sworn to.)

    Prisoner's Defence. I bought them at a public yard, where there is asale every day. I left him with a good character. I drive by hispremises every day, and live close by.

    GUILTY . Aged 39.

    Confined Six Weeks .

    First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Baron Garrow .


    The Law List 1843
    Aristide de mornay  The Law List, 1843  Miscellaneous     462


    Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Exhibits E 140/88/11/
    Messrs Herring, Graham and Powles: costs of sending Aristide FranklinMornay's expedition to Mexico and . Arthur Wavell Messrs Herring,Graham and Powles: costs of sending Aristide Franklin Mornay'sexpedition to Mexico and The National Archives, Kew (1825)



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