Reginald de Mornay Davies Diaries

1904 - Cad About Town

Wednesday, January 13th

8.30 Started at just before 9.10 and saw my girl coming down Stanley Gardens. It was raining and I had my brollie and after I had passed Stanley Gardens I slackened down a bit as I was walking past and as I neared Notting Hill Gate. I heard footsteps coming quickly behind me and I looked and saw her coming fast behind me. Got a ticket just as she got one at the other place and went down in the same lift with her. She sat down. A train came in just as we got to the platform and she got on at the near end and I at the far end and we entered the carriage at the same moment and she sat in a cross seat and I sat down in the next one in the same line she sat with her back to me which was most disappointing. She passes my seat getting out at the Bank though.

Played Matador with Sammy and Gillham and lost. Met Gracie at 8.30 went to the Park with her and had a happy time till she told me of her worry about a fellow she is engaged to and of which engagement I knew nothing and hates the fellow. Gave her my advice as to how to choke him off by writing a letter and getting a witness to the copy. Tubed from Lanc. Gate to Notting H.G.

Doll left for Bournemouth, Train (Waterloo). Tube 4d lunch Peggs and coffee 8d. Tube 4d for Gracie and Myself 2d for chairs. Paid Jepherson 6/6.

Thursday, January 14th

To Macs in evening - La told me it was her birthday tomorrow. Wrote La to wish her a Happy Birthday etc etc. I had quite forgotten it. Forbes-Robertsons birthday sometime this month. Did not see my girl this morning. Posted 3 postcards to La from Hugo, Jean Kathy. Had lunch by myself to day at Crown Court. Posted 3 letters for Herbert and he owes me a 1d stamp and I owe him 6d. Meditated to an office year book in the Tube.

Friday, January 15th

To Macs it being La's birthday. Mrs Douglas there. Played silly rotten games! But the last we had was not though it was "Books" (like consequences) Played Matador at C.C with Collins Jack and Sammy and then with Collins after and won. Borrowed 1/- from Holah.

Saturday, January 16th

Willie lively Devil played for Catford Rugby Football Club on the London and Westminster Bank Ground. Went to St Mary Abbott's Church for 5 o'clock service the music before it began and after Evensong .... very much.

Saw Sergeant in Kensington Park Road who told me Stapleton was in (this about 9.30) came back and found Stapleton. He has come to say that he and Cecil were coming next Saturday evening - walked him to Leverette and Fry (?) (Portobello Road). Miss Withers to tea. Walked with Willie to deliver notes first to Colville Gardens then to Arundel Gardens, Ladbroke Square, Palace Gardens & Campden Hill, Holland Park & Holland Villas Road and home by way of Bayswater Road and Clarendon Road.

Saturday, January 23rd

8.30 My girl - my darling girl - I waited for her this morning. Two trains and then she came down and by good luck there was a previous lift load down so it did not look as if I had been waiting. She sat in a cross seat and I sat opposite her on the opposite site but did not look at her much though now I wish I had looked at her more. She was dressed in her black rig out and awfully nice she looked and such a lady. She read a letter as usual for a bit and I read the Standard. I wish I had followed her when I got to the Bank as there was a fog and it was quite dark though quite clear

Met Hilda Vardon at Notting Hill Gate waiting for a bus to come up to taker to Miss Websters told her I had been trying to telephone her there but never got a chance at lunch time.

To Saint Mary Abbot for Even Song and did enjoy the first thing on the organ. Passed 9 Stanley Gardens at about 4.10 in ____ _____ and saw a lot of girls and ladies having tea in 28 ad then I found out that 28 & 29 are one and yet 26-27 & 28 are described as the "Twentieth Century Club"

Sunday , January 24th

Washed Dickies cage in the afternoon and mended her blind by putting in new cards and that is all I have done today.

Tuesday , January 26th

Lunched at Crown Court with Sammy Gillham and Collins. Played Matador and lost. Took J.O.C two shirts.

Eveline dearest left by 2 o'clock train from Waterloo for Bournemouth. Herbert and Dow saw her off.

News of Whittaker Wright's sentence of 7 years Penal & Death half an hour later.

Stapleton in for a few minutes - saw him later in Bedford Gardens with the Parsons and a fellow Marshall to whom he introduced me went to S's studio and I talked to Parsons about Weston. Tube 4d Lunch C. & S.E 8d

Wednesday , February 3rd

To Macs in evening . La played delightfully something of Greigs [sic] which I thought was Heaven on Earth to listen to. Cathy's cold much worse. Did not get out to Lunch till 2.5. Had lunch with Jack Gillham & Clark. Took Palmer on winding up companies (II) back to Fredrick's Place, Old Jewry. Paid Jepherson 6/6.

Thursday, February 4th

To Macs in evening at 9. La just going to bed as I got there and I said goodnight in the hall. Angus and I talking as to "Food of Man" and vegetarianism [as] the natural diet. Left 10.15pm. Lunch at Crown Court with Collins Gillham & Clark. Won in first and lost a bit when Gillham came in.

Friday, February 12th

Walked to Marble Arch via Westbourne Grove and Queen and Bayswater Roads. Bus to Bank. Lunch at Crown Court and played Matador with Collins Sammy & Gillham and won & against S & C and won.

To Mrs Cleverton with Doll and Ted. Ted forgot his teeth so had to go back when we got to the door!! Miss Eyre there (who bowed to me in the Tube one day and I couldn't remember where I had met her) and one of the other girls I met before there. Has a very pretty way of dancing and a very pretty ankle. Hernandez and his friend Thomas there - also a Miss Lane Fox who though she had seen me before a Miss Ellis, Rumbold and Larry "you ask me why - love". Got back about 12pm

Saw the fellow (whose face I like and who I have seen in Crown Court) going down Bartholomew Lane he saw & looked at me. Sent Jepherson 6/6. Frank went to Crowthorne.